Health Coach and Educator

Meredith Alvarado is a health educator and coach. Through M for Health, she helps unconventional women take small, specific steps toward a healthier lifestyle.

Her leadership experience at Fortune 500 companies and not-for-profit organizations allows her to connect with and coach clients from different backgrounds. As a transracial adoptee to white parents in the United States, she is committed to supporting her clients to get in touch with ways of living that are aligned with their unique identities.

Meredith believes in taking a decolonized approach to wellness and helps her clients make changes in their environment, mindset, movement, and nutrition by reconnecting with their intuition.


Project Highlight

Project Goals

Meredith had been running her business for 7 years but never really taken the opportunity to create a website that was 100% her.

She was ready for a website that:

  • Accurately reflected the brand and business she had worked hard to build over many years
  • Was easy to update, so that adding new content would no longer feel overwhelming
  • Attracted more clients whose values aligned with hers

The Before

Until we started working together, Meredith’s website had never been a priority in her business. She’d been opting for low-cost, temporary fixes and using templates that never quite felt like her brand.

Before working with you, I felt extremely overwhelmed with all of the things I wanted my website to express.

I didn’t even really know what I wanted or needed my website to be. I just knew that I wanted potential clients to be able to find me and understand what I had to offer.

This overwhelm made me feel stuck in my business. I wasn’t looking forward to writing or updating content on my website.

Meredith Alvarado

Color & Fonts

I chose a vibrant color palette to reflect Meredith’s bright and positive energy.

This combination of orange, blue, turquoise and coral is a reference to the landscape of Arizona (where Meredith is based) and a respectful acknowledgement of the Indigenous peoples to whom this land belongs.

To create an elegant, modern look that matches Meredith’s confidence and unapologetic, no-BS attitude, I used Raleway for headings and Roboto for body text.

Logos & Brand Mark

The primary logo is bold and unique, just like Meredith’s work. The combination of heavy lines and rounded corners gives the serif “M” a professional feel with a hint of playfulness, while the light, monoline sans-serif type adds balance.

The secondary logo is perfect for cases where a horizontal shape is needed, like the header for her email newsletters.

For the brand mark, I created a monoline illustration of a turtle, which is a special personal symbol for Meredith. The light, fluid lines are a nod to the role of intuition alignment in her work. The brand mark can be used as a decorative element in promotional brochures, teaching materials, and social media posts.

Stock Photography

Meredith described her brand personality as honest, open, free, and light, which I used as the anchor for curating stock photos.

She and I also worked together to ensure that her stock photo collection was consistent with our shared value of fostering diverse and inclusive communities. We used images that accurately and realistically reflected Meredith’s audience.


During our brand interview, Meredith and I went deep to get clear on her audience, philosophy, and what makes her work so special. With these building blocks, I wrote all of the content for the website, infusing her unique brand message and voice into the copy.

I also crafted a brand story explaining why this work was so meaningful to Meredith, helping her connect with her audience and stand out from other health and wellness professionals.

Because Meredith’s clients have typically tried many different ways to “get healthy” without success before they find her, they’re often skeptical about the results they can get from working with her. To address this, I paid special attention to describing their real-life challenges in detail, showing the readers that Meredith truly understands their experience and has the knowledge and skills to help them.

The After

I brought together the colors, fonts, logos, stock photos, and copy to create a website that led Meredith’s clients through a smooth journey.

By building a clear path from learning about Meredith and her offers, to submitting an inquiry about working with her, I ensured that the website encouraged only good-fit clients to get in touch with Meredith.

The completed website is made up of 5 main elements:

  1. Core pages: homepage, about page, and work with me page
  2. Sales pages for Meredith’s coaching programs
  3. Lead magnet opt-in page
  4. Blog with Meredith’s catalog of 5 years of original articles
  5. E-commerce shop to sell and deliver an online course


Meredith felt an immediate boost in motivation to work on her business after finally launching a website that feels like her brand.

Here are some project highlights.

Client Testimonial

I feel free to concentrate on the work of reaching out to my audience and helping my clients.

You really took the time to understand who I am, and therefore, what my business is here to do. You took a genuine interest in my goals to help people, and worked with me to gently bring out things about my brand that I was unable to articulate on my own.

You have a wealth of knowledge from your different life experiences, which I appreciate. Your perspective is very valuable to health coaches like me.

Meredith Alvarado

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